Ins and Outs

The session takes place either on location or in studio and may take up to two hours. I suggest comfortable, layered, or textured clothing. While I don't recommend matching, coordinating is a good idea. Timeless clothing will always look good in a picture. Bright colors always work well. You can use bold patterns but avoid logos or cartoons. I urge you to bring a variety of outfits and accessories to choose from. It's better to have more than not enough. If you want further wardrobe tips, you can find more information here. Wardrobe can make a photograph come to life. The outfits you wear on a photo shoot are not necessarily what you would wear out day to day but will photograph well.

I also encourage that young children are allowed to relax and rest prior to the session. Taking them to get their hair done, nails, etc. all in one day followed by the photo session only exhausts them and may cause anxiousness. I want them to feel at ease, like it's any other day where they can be themselves. Taking their favorite toy or blankie may help get them comfortable.


The scheduled photo session time is planned in such manner to provide enough time to get you and/or your family relaxed and comfortable with me and the camera. If you need to get dressed on location, please plan to arrive prior to your scheduled time to ensure the most of our time together. Feel free to ask for breaks if you or your children need them. I understand if snack time is also needed so water and other goodies are welcome as long as cheetos or other messy snacks aren't on the menu.


Your portraits will be ready to view in a private online gallery within two weeks of your session. Your proof gallery is active for two weeks. CD photo selections and additional orders will take place during this period.